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I have a new appreciation for what each bride and groom endures as they plan their wedding! November 2014 marked a milestone for my own marriage. My wife and I renewed our vows to each other at the McLean House in West Linn Oregon. Our attendants were our own children (17 & 11). The planning can be challenging and I understand that better now than ever. Duo con Brio has been apart of more than 2600 events since 1989 and our personal renewal has brought a new understanding for the process. Having the opportunity to be a part of your families memories is priceless!
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Is amplification needed?
Yet another important question that must be addressed! We are so fortunate to have our own in house experienced sound engineer Randy Burlingame. Please read his bio on our website under bride/groom resources. Over the years he has provided Duo con Brio and their clients the most professional and cost effective services possible. When deciding to use a sound engineer first one must understand that they provide a different service from a DJ. His job to amplify both the musicians, officiant, bride, groom, and any speakers at the ceremony. Additionally a sound engineer remains for the wedding service to address any issues with wind, or feed back. They do not leave once the equipment is set up. Our general advice is that hiring a sound engineer provides you with ultimate control over the sound quality, levels, etc. It is very important, if possible to use a sound engineer. Exceptions to this would be certain small indoor venues such as Oaks Pioneer Church. Hope this helps. Happy Wedding to all!
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